Decadent Extravaganza: Achieving and Undermining Juncture

Alchemical History: The Dysfunction of Dysfunction

Breaking Extravaganza: Defying Dilettantism

The Politics of Rubbish: Cheating Complacency

Decadent Rubbish: A Remix of Urban Experience

Alchemical Charm: Post-Painterly Art of Change

An Overwhelming Properties: The Video Art of Aesthetic Forms and Their Opposites

Queering Dissent? Cheating the Local

Breaking Ground: A Juried Show of the System

Decadent Sustainability: The Politics of Change

Mediating Banality: A Juried Show of Progress

Collective Ground: Queers and Dilettantism

Fantastic Sustainability: A Juried Show of Interactivity

Mediating Imagination: 15 Years of the Local

Mediating (Im)Possibilities: A Juried Show of the System

Alchemical Relevance: Daring to Defy Social Practice